• $50- $75 dresses a women for an interview from head to toe (including new under garments)

  • $100 will provide a winter coat to three women.

  • $500 allows us to provide employed women with work appropriate clothing and uniforms.

Your donation of...


...work related clothing and accessories are accepted by appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-2 pm. Please call 248-481-8276 to schedule a time to drop off your tax deductible donations.


NOTE: We aim to offer the most up to date interview outfits for our clients.  For this reason we will ONLY accept clothing that has been purchased within the last 5 years. 


These donations must be clean and folded in bags.  


Please Note: We no longer participate in general large group donations.  If your organization would like to participate in donating to Career Dress we ask that you call us at 248.481.8276 to see what items we are in need of at the moment.

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Your donation of...